(Almost) 500 Followers Giveaway from Dare To Dream!!!

The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak

I could never imagine my blog with (almost) 500 followers! My blog for the first few months never got any likes or follows. But I kept telling myself I was a very good writer and that I would get there! Then, in April this year, I got 100 followers which was huge for me, and I got lots support for my blog! (Almost) 500 followers is even bigger, and I get the support I NEVER thought I would have! You guys are amazing for following my blog and giving me so much support, so I thought I wanted to say a HUGE thank you back with a giveaway!! I know that I said I wanted to do one when I had EXACTLY 500 followers, but I was so excited that I wanted to do it, today! Because my blog is a Disney and makeup blog, I thought that I would…

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